11 Video Games that Halfcoordinated Sure Did Enjoy in 2020 Wow

11. Streets of Rage 4

If you told me shortly after Streets of Rage 4 came out that it wouldn’t even make my top 10 for the year I would have been quite surprised because well, it’s very good. The action is generally tight and plays strongly off of the series’ past. While it references the general favorite SoR 2 the most, it manages to advance and individualize itself enough to be something new instead of just SoR 2.5. The hand drawn art is beautiful, the hits are satisfying, and the dynamic soundtrack is incredible. This is easily one of the best classic beat ‘em ups of the decade.

10. RITE

A slightly zoomed in GIF of RITE gameplay, with the character deftly jumping to avoid saws

9. Jet Lancer

A small red plane dodges and shoots many grey planes in 2d, with much spinning and explosions all in front of a blue sky
Jet Lancer Action FEELS GOOD

8. Maneater

Maneater is a fairly large open world game where you focus on getting as big and powerful as you can to get revenge on a vile man that killed your mother and gave you a scar; your typical revenge plot with the minor note of you being a shark. Just a regular lil’ shark pup… at first.

7. Super Crush K.O.

6. Inertial Drift

press GIF of the twin stick car drifting in Inertial Drift, using the left stick to steer and the right stick to drift

5. Fight Crab

4. Sheepo

3. Immortals Fenyx Rising

GIF of Fenyx running up and launching a rooster into space with an axe
I recorded this one myself so I hope you appreciate it

2. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Screenshot of my MHW: I guildcard, with 2343 Lance hunts, and very few of anything else. my palico and hunter are fabulous
I poked with the Lance a lot

1. Hades



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